Artificial Intelligence – Farming and Felines

Some people think artificial intelligence going to surpass human intelligence leading to a thinking machine world dominance.  The idea of world dominance by anything exceeding human intelligence has one unexplained existential fallacy, which is the current world dominance by felines.

Like their feline brethren, who have already assumed control of the Internet, the two felines guarding the agbots have taken their spot in the revolution of technology.  While guarding the new technology, the two cats have slaughtered numerous field mice and rats which were after the grain stores and interior wiring on the agbots.   These agbots hold the promise of participating in filling feline food bowls, so the felines have permitted their survival.

Intelligence aside,  the dumb network on the cricket agbot has been tested in the control rudimentary maneuvers.    Maneuvering the cricket, like its military counterpart, can be done via a game controller.  The controller, for the moment, has been left in the control of the cats.


Shop Kitty Approves 2nd Agbot Design based on Yamaha Grizzly

The cat, who as a kitten watched the construction of the Cricket all the way from its beginnings as a pile of metal on the floor, to a fully refactored competitor inspected a new piece of machinery.  This new piece of machinery, a fully functional Grizzly ATV, was donated by Yamaha to be used as a base for the second Agbot,

While the people on the team were impressed with the Grizzly’s power and suspension, the feature which impressed the cat was a very comfortable seat.  The seat was an ideal spot to curl up for a cat nap, contemplate participating in the design, or supervise the testing of the Cricket.  The Cricket was just starting test runs to validate field worthiness.

The development arc of the second agbot is currently planned using lessons learned from the Cricket development arc.  The new development arc for the second Agbot, for what it is worth,  involves the same team of cats.


Tribute to Grandad Martin

             Archie Martin showing Witchweed

This post is a tribute to my Grandfather Martin.  He was an officer with combat experience who was transferred from the horse cavalry  to anti-aircraft artillery in World War II.  After the war he became an extension in the state of North Carolina.  A North Carolina farmer approached him one day to check on an issue with a sudden drop in yield of corn.  The corn had an unusual parasitic weed.  This weed was one he could not identify, nor could the botanist working at North Carolina State University.  The University had a graduate student who happened to see the weed recognized it as the scourge from his home country as witchweed.   A witchweed eradication program was set up by the government to find a way to eradicate this pestilence. A way was found to eradicate the pestilence leading to the shutdown of one of the most successful government programs in the history of the United States.

This legacy of agricultural leadership is one I hope to continue in the Agbot competition.

Jerry Martin

Team Lead – Pee Dee Precision