The Agbots

One Agbot is in the Testing Phase.

Cricket Refit:  The cricket refit is an upgraded race car inspired version of the Cricket One.  The cricket one was stripped of both electronics and hydraulics then refit to allow for improvement.   Improvements include an entirely different steering mechanism,  relocated panels, and improvements in the power plant.  These improvements enable the Cricket Refit to be dual purposed as both a prototyping platform and a technological showpiece.

One Agbot is in the design phase.

Drone 2:  Is the current designation for weed and feed drone which is on the drawing board.  This design will be based on the Yamaha Grizzly.


Retired designs.

Cricket NX-01:  The NX-01 design was tabled indefinitely as the cricket refit met our expectations.

Cricket One  was the first ground drone constructed by Pee Dee Precision. It shared third place in the first Agbot Challenge.  This drone taught Pee Dee precision a tremendous amount about what goes into the design process of an Agbot.  Agbot design differs from self driving cars or self piloting aerial drones in that city dwelling engineers are at a severe disadvantage compared to rugged country folk good at programming, turning a wrench, and talking to farmers.

Cricket one has some very unique features which may go down in history as the first seeding implement to successfully make an extreme departure from the limitations of a tractor/horse drawn planter design.

The First Drone Constructed by Pee Dee Precision

A mock-up has been retired

The mock-up  was a prop constructed by Pee Dee Precision for the primary purpose of assessing the difficulty in building and programming a drone.  This drone mock-up was complete and programmed within one month; however, it only moves and returns a video feed.