Shop Kitty Teaches Third Graders Engineering

The shop kitty got a chuckle from four different classes of third graders as well as got the third graders to thinking.  Third graders in South Carolina are introduced to engineering by learning how to define an engineering problem, then thinking of ways to solve the problem.

               Engineering Problem?

Artificial Intelligence – Farming and Felines

Some people think artificial intelligence going to surpass human intelligence leading to a thinking machine world dominance.  The idea of world dominance by anything exceeding human intelligence has one unexplained existential fallacy, which is the current world dominance by felines.

Like their feline brethren, who have already assumed control of the Internet, the two felines guarding the agbots have taken their spot in the revolution of technology.  While guarding the new technology, the two cats have slaughtered numerous field mice and rats which were after the grain stores and interior wiring on the agbots.   These agbots hold the promise of participating in filling feline food bowls, so the felines have permitted their survival.

Intelligence aside,  the dumb network on the cricket agbot has been tested in the control rudimentary maneuvers.    Maneuvering the cricket, like its military counterpart, can be done via a game controller.  The controller, for the moment, has been left in the control of the cats.