Tech from Yesteryear

After every sprint I have started getting in the habit of doing a cleanup.  The last cleanup yielded some interesting pieces of equipment my ancestors used to do similar tasks performed by the tech on board the Pee Dee Agbot. The Pee Dee agbot is being constructed on land which was the county experimental farm […]

Design – An Example of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good A story was passed down in my family which may have been lost had it not been for the Agbot Challenge.  Agbot building requires a certain degree of scrounging for parts.  Scrounging for parts is something two young men were doing around the turn of the nineteenth century at a hardware store in […]

The Farm Gate as a Phase Gate

In project management terminology a phase gate, a design gate, a or stage gate is a pre-planned moment for either a go or a no-go decision. The go or no-go decision is sometimes easy and sometimes difficult due to the early emotions of hope and optimism during early planning.  The design planning phase, which is […]

A Real Grizzly, Accept No Substitutes, KITTENS!!!

The Grizzly ATV donated to our team by Yamaha was partially prepped for conversion into a Grizzly ATV… as in Grizzly Awesome Terrain Vehicle … to avoid confusion with other robotic units and actual Grizzly Bears. A redundant failsafe controller was installed on the cricket.  The cricket is designed so if any juncture loses power, the vehicle comes […]

The Preflight Prefarm Checklist – Let’s Introduce 21st Century Farm Tech Right the First Time

This is an open letter to the entire agriculture community. Agriculture is getting ready to make a similar transition aviation made in the early 20th century.  In the early 20th century the World War II era bombers transitioned from two to four engines.  Four engines increased the complexity of the bomber to the point skilled pilots were losing their planes and […]

Shop Kitty Teaches Third Graders Engineering

The shop kitty got a chuckle from four different classes of third graders as well as got the third graders to thinking.  Third graders in South Carolina are introduced to engineering by learning how to define an engineering problem, then thinking of ways to solve the problem.

Fire Extinguisher Selected

The fire extinguisher selected for the Cricket is a Purple K extinguisher.  The purple K extinguisher is a dry-chemical fire suppressor, mostly potassium bicarbonate, effective against class B, or fuel fires.   It is partially effective against C fires, or electrical fires. Any farm operation storing a large quantity of fuel would do well to keep […]